...standing out in a crowd like a Wookiee at a Noghri family reunion...

(from Timothy Zahn)

22 May
Tultitlán y Tlalnepantla, Estado de Mexico, Mexico
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I graduated from the University of Alabama last December 2006. Now I am teaching 5th grade in the same school system I grew up in! I feel like I have spent half my life in Mexico, although that is not true. For four months, I student taught at Instituto Thomas Jefferson in Tlalnepantla, a municipio about 10 miles north of Mexico City. I lived in Atizipán at the time (close), and during later visits I have lived in Tultitlán with a friend. I met some great people there and made some lifelong friends, and I consider it my second home and the culture part of my own. I just cannot stay away!